ARGIDO Plecocave



Spawning caves for L-Number catfish in proven standard semicircular shape


Cave as spawning cave and hiding place

The spawning cave for L-catfish in the standard form is a proven breeding model.
This clay cave is round in its basic form and flattened at the bottom. This is why our cave is safe to lie on a smooth surface without rolling away.

All ARGIDO products are handmade and not cast. The diameter is always the same for each cave size, only the shape can differ slightly. By the manual production it can come to easy variations in width/height/length also within the individual sizes, which many catfish fans welcome, since also the fish have different preferences.

Another important point for the breeding of L-catfish is the condition of the cave surfaces. Because they are not cast, the surface of our spawning caves is always slightly rough and never as smooth as cast ones. This advantage may already be known to some catfish breeders: If the surface of the interior is too smooth, the spawning bales have no hold and get out of the cave all too easily. However, if the surface is at least slightly rough, as is almost always the case with hand-modeled caves, the clutch can adhere better to the cave wall and the risk of flushing out is reduced.

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5-6cm x 22cm, 12 x 20 x 2,5 cm, 12 x 20 x 2,5 cm, 2,5-3cm x 11-12cm, 3,5-4cm x 15cm, 4,5cm x 19cm, 5-6 cm x 25 cm, 5-6cm x 22cm, 5-6 cm x 25 cm