Insect Meal Paste (Kopie)

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The optimal rearing food for all fish in our aquariums. This fine paste mass, produced on the basis of  Artemia, forms a food film in the aquarium or in fry boxes. The increased protein content ensures optimum development of young animals and the nutrition of difficult species.

The food is formed into a 5-10mm ball and placed in the fry box or tank. The fine food film on the ground feeds our young animals. Especially with Aspidoras, Corydoras, Panaqolus, Loricaria and many other catfish species this food has proven itself!

Due to the high protein content in this food, despite the good compatibility and the optimal fats, it can come to fattening if feeding too much. Please do not overfeed the animals! Only feed this food in small quantities! It is to be paid attention to a balanced nutrition!


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