Professional Softgran Mussel

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Many of our Aquariumfish feed on mussels, snails and other shellfish in their natural habitat. Hypancistrus, especially Hypancistrus zebra (L46), or Pseudacanthicus are well known for this behaviour. To meet this requirements of this feeding habit, we created this special fishfood.

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Professional Softgran Mussel garanties these special biological needs and supports the fish in their natural growth. The New Zealand green-lipped mussel, well know in vetenary medicine, in combination with high-quality fish oil ensure Professional Softgran Mussel as the optimum source of protein.

Professional Soft Mussel has proven itself in practice in breeding carnivore species. The success in breeding several species of Pseudacanthicus, Leporacanthicus or Hypancistrus with using this food speaks for itself.

This food is a high-protein fishfood! The well choosen ingredients can not assure that your fish won’t get too fat when you use to much! Just use small amounts of this food and feed your fish varied!

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Vitamin D3 (E671) 1000 I.E

Zusatzstoffe pro KG

Spurenelemente: Eisen-Sulfat-Monohydrat (E1) 45mg, Kalziumjodat, wasserfrei (E2) 2mg, Kupfersulfat-Pentahydrat (E4) 6mg, Maganoxid-Monohydrat (E5) 17mg, Zinksulfat-Monohydrat (E6) 112mg

Antioxidantien: 76mg


Fisch und Fischnebenerzeugnisse, Getreide, Gemüse, pflanzliche Nebenerzeugnisse, Öle und Fette, Weich- und Krebstiere (12%), Hefen.


Mehrmals täglich in kleinen Portionen füttern. Dabei die Tiere nicht satt füttern.


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